artist NK33's present fanart to her friend! 

[ ぬえ ]

artist -Par- | ”Eren who holds his desire [the apple] and Levi is who is [blind] to it”

[ akabeko]

levi’s body sketch

“Where do you think this farce begins?”

#but you did #you took the small details and embedded it unconsciously into your mind and body #habituation is natural after all #and even if it wasn’t your original habitat #you made it your own and you said it was boring #but #awful liar annie leonhardt #you enjoyed the role; you played it well #you almost made it yet another skin to shed just like you do with your titan form over and over and over #it became a part of you didn’t it? which is why you started betting #not calculating but taking risks#because that is what a warrior does and you needed to align with that identity#break the lock if the key don’t fit #treat the world as your enemy #princess queen darling child of mine (tags via -redux)